30 Aug 2009

Band Art

This is my VERY professional illustration of the band 'Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip'. If anybody knows how the hell im not famous for doing this stuff yet, please tell me!?

29 Aug 2009


I'm currently working on a new illustration, but, cant seem to find the right photo to work with. So, until then heres one of the characters as a 1440 wallpaper if anybody wants it :D
[click image for full size]

25 Aug 2009

A day well spent

I woke up this morning with an itch to do some digital art. Having scribbled a few things on my pad I came up with this..
...I liked the idea of the not-so-little guy in the rain. But, wanted it to have more of a reason for existence. After playing with the image in Illustrator for a while I decided that the character would make a cool B-girl...

...Too often I create characters and don't bother to put them in scenes. I felt that she was to good for just sticking on the unwanted pile and moved into photoshop to build an atmosphere. 
[click to enlarge]

21 Aug 2009

Blog me!

So, this is gonna be where I upload all my shenanigans from now on. I will be posting art and animations here. I might stick some entertaining links that I find on here every-so-often too.

For any work up until this point please check out...
^My Deviant Art gallery
^My youtube page

Heres a couple of images to get you warmed up: