28 Sep 2011

16 pixel retouch project

I am fascinated by mainstream media's digital retouching of fashion and lifestyle imagery. The need to create a perfect image of a human being for mass consumerism to desire. Individuality is not important. Conformity is essential. If we do not become this perfect image, then we should not be accepted into society. I have taken it upon myself to clean up photographs of individuals that I meet and remove any imperfections from their image. The numeric values for these people have been presented for you. This will allow us to conform more easily in the future.

24 Sep 2011

New grounds

I like to take photos in urban places. I like the hard lines and man-made textures. I feel like I have more control of my images in the city. While walking around the woods today I found it difficult to find an image that touched me. Nature is pretty, but scruffy. It's my photographers OCD, having to keep images clean and tidy. I didn't take many pictures. About twenty. But, while reviewing them I found these two to be the most interesting.

20 Sep 2011

Nearly Halloween

My girlfriend is preparing for Halloween. So, while she was playing with the make-up, I started playing with my camera and taking some photos.

8 Sep 2011

Christian x vectorthirtythree

Went on another photoshoot yesterday. Once again its all about the fashion photography. I'm still hitting' the mean streets to do my work and this time took the stylishly flamboyant Christian with me. We had a good laugh working together and got some really nice shots. But, I was never quite sure who was in control.. Me, Christian, or his pout ;)

4 Sep 2011

Jack XI - Photoshoot

I was approached by DJ & Producer Jack XI recently and asked for some promo images. So, we got together and did a fashion / style photo shoot for him. During editing I decided to funk the images up a bit with some graphic design elements promoting Jack as an artist. I'm REALLY getting into these shoots now and I'm determined to make each set better than the last. I'm currently hunting some good-looking, charismatic models. Interested?