26 Nov 2010


A good friend of mine posted a sketch that he had drawn on facebook the other day. I instantly fell in love with the image and asked if I could go all digital on it. heres the result. Don't forget to visit miruku too..

1 Nov 2010


When the opportunity presents itself.. shoot! Never taken a car shot before. So, I really wanted to go to work on this one. See if I could get that 'Max Power' look..

Digital Scribble

Just spent a morning off work in bed with my laptop..

17 Oct 2010

Photo edits

I have decided to try and re-create how my mind see's a scene rather than how the camera see's the scene. It begins..

19 Sep 2010

T-shirt photoshoot :02

Another day, another shoot! I am loving this.. shame I have to go back to work tomorrow. Much love to Erick for this one..

18 Sep 2010

9 Sep 2010

Toxic Funk Berry

Somebody linked me to this band today. While checking out their music I couldn't help but wonder what their logo would look like if I had drawn it..

29 Aug 2010

Fireworks!! :D

The british fireworks championships were amazing as always. Here are a few of my photos from the night. enjoy :)

28 Jul 2010

Album Artworking

Just a quick update. Here are some more recent design commissions from Canadian record label Altosync.

25 Jul 2010

We Take Control

Hello viewers, Sorry the work has been a bit slow lately. I have had a few commissions that had to be finished and I have also started a new blog.
I would highly recommend you viewing it :D My aim is to showcase outstanding digital artists from around the globe. If you are, or know of an amazing artist who would like to be featured, then get in touch.. Leon@wetakecontrol.com

29 Jun 2010

Fashion photo's

I had a few of my photographs used in the 2010 Graduate fashion show. Pretty cool.
[click image to enlarge]

26 Jun 2010


Got a test print for one of my Tee designs. Looking good so far. Watch this space..

18 Jun 2010

Eleventh Sun

Just finished some album artwork for the Canadian duo Eleventh Sun. Their upcoming LP 'God Is Laughing At You' Is a dark drum n bass release. If your into this sound, then you should check them out.

10 Jun 2010


Sat watching second year presentations. Animating cogs while I watch..

cool, huh.

6 Jun 2010

Final Degree piece

Here it is people! The final reveal. Its taken me a lot of planning and work. Massive thank you to everybody who helped. Especially Callum Buchanan, Paul Loud & Nicholas Holden. Your sound definitely gave it the final touch it needed. enjoy..

22 May 2010

quick fixer upper

Very tight deadline. Fixed up some bad quality and out of date logos. Then a few cover designs for an artist on the 'altosync' label.

17 May 2010

Gettin there

I have been a bit slow on the updates lately. The deadline for my final is looming and im trying to get that done. Here are a few screen grabs. Its better than nuthin :P

8 May 2010


I am still spending most of my time on my final major animation at the moment. I'm trying to get some photography/editing practice in whenever I can. This explains why most of my blog has been photos lately. Here's a couple of practice portraits.

7 May 2010

photo restoration

So, I recently had a go at a photo restoration. I gave myself a limit of 90minutes to see how much I could get done in that time. Heres my result.