23 Oct 2009

The rota-scope process

Today was my first deadline at college this year. The project was Development & Experimentation. This was why i had previously been practicing rota-scoping. Here is a video of the process I went through to get my final product. enjoi...

19 Oct 2009

Plymouth Calendar Girls 2010

I have been working with Plymouth Calendar Girls recently to help promote the new calendar. It was great working with them and am looking forward to continuing our working relationship. Heres a preview of the new calendar and models. I made the video...

17 Oct 2009


Happened to be out and about today when I bumped into some friends skating. Good opportunity to get some pictures. Heres the first..
[click to enlarge]

14 Oct 2009

sunset freerunner

So, i had my very first go at rotoscoping the other day and REALLY enjoyed the process and end product! I had another go today and wanted to push the visuals a little more. I'm gonna keep practicing this style and hope to do this years final major like it...

13 Oct 2009

Zombie Chicks

Might as well have some fun with the photos...
[click image to enlarge]

rotoscope me

A little experiment. I have never rotoscoped and wanted to give it a try. So, i ripped my shirt from my back and went for it..

wow, it wasn't easy to get that flash embedded there!?

11 Oct 2009

Fashion Shoot

I was asked to get some photographs for Feline Fashion yesterday. Luckily it was a nice day! I only have a crappy kit lens at the minute [50mm on way] so all of the photos needed a little bit of photoshop work. But, I think I pulled it off. Heres two of the better ones...
'79 [click image to enlarge]

The catsuit [click image to enlarge]

Heres a process sample..
[click image to enlarge]

4 Oct 2009


I got a camera very recently and have never 'properly' used one before. Here are my first ever shots. Overkill on the colours? :\


Lonely Duck

Stef Jungle [overbright]

Vector33 splash

I know I haven't posted in a while. I have about 5 projects currently on-the-go. So, as they get done I'll stick them up here. For now here is a splash idea to go at the front of my productions...