21 Sep 2009

Fake slow shutter

I really like those slow shutter speed photos. But, haven't got around to taking any yet. Thought i would try n fake it ;)
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20 Sep 2009

Fashion illustration [hippy hair]

My girlfriend makes clothing for girls. She got a load of photos of models wearing them. I pinched one to work with...

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19 Sep 2009

Fanta Advertising

Hey everybody. I'm currently building a new website. Until then please find my images over at
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18 Sep 2009

17 Sep 2009

All in the process

Let me take a moment to show you how we work :)

Step 1:
Doodle in pad for a while until you get bored. Look back through rubbish on pad until you find something that even mildly resembles something worthwhile...
Step 2:
Try to make yourself feel better about not being able to draw by placing doodle into a [badly drawn] scene...
Step 3:
Decide to make the doodle digital. This way you can feel good about yourself by fooling your head into thinking your working. Import your sketch into adobe illustrator and knock the transparency down to about 30%. Underneath your pencil sketch start vectoring the image...
Step 4:
Vector images are great. But, to add a little bit of sparkle to the image import your initial vectors into adobe photoshop for some composition and lighting effects...
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Step 5:
Look at what your doodle has become and realize that you are brilliant!
This was just a quick one day thing. So, its a bit empty.

Stay fly 

16 Sep 2009

11 Sep 2009

The dawning of a new era...

[Click to visit website]
Times, they are a'changing! When I first went to uni I decided to go by an alias. I choose to go by munkee [crouching munkee, hidden banana]. It has served me well and I have had a fair bit of recognition from it. I have also had a nice amount of work in print and published in various publications. But, all good things come to an end and I have decided to drop the munkee alias.

But, with all change comes new... stuff!? So, now I am going by the name 'Vector33'. I think it sounds more professional and it allows me to evolve my style without having to be true to the munkee name/theme. All my profiles about the web will soon be changed/updated..
myspace, facebook, deviantart, youtube, twitter... the lot!

Its been a good ride as munkee and I hope that I can carve a professional career as vector33... Its gonna be a bumpy ride... wish me luck!

RIP munkee

Fashion imagery darlings

Recently ladies fashion brand 'love feline' approached me asking if i could design a promotional image for them. They left me some photographs of various models wearing the garments and only giving me very few guidelines [which was nice] left me to it. From the images I was given, this one seemed to be the most inspiring...
.. Unfortunately the photos where a little grainy when zoomed in and the model had a little of her foot missing. I cut out the model and gave her a little retouching. 

I really liked how the model was playing with paint and also had a huge paint splat on the Tee. Also, the tag line I was given read:
"Vivacious clothing for edgy rock-chicks who love to stand out from the crowd"

With this in mind and an image forming in my head I went to work. I am really happy with the out come and so is my client.. good times!

[click image for full size]

For more 'love feline' information or to view her clothes please visit

9 Sep 2009


The other day my girlfriend got one of my designs printed on to a Tee for me. I haven't stopped wearing it. The design is my logo in black vinyl on a white Tee and it looks the nuts. I'm hoping soon to get a selection of Tee's printed. So, if you wanna look as fly as this meerkat.. [which is unlikely, but your welcome to try].. then watch this space!
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These little guys have been doodles in my sketch pad for ages. I always see them and want to do more with 'em. So, today I have given them the once over as an illustration and am planning on giving them the animation treatment very soon.
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1 Sep 2009

Inspiring packaging

Today i bought a "feel good" drink and was intrigued by the bottle for a good 10minutes. Because of this i have decided to share my findings with you. Aren't you lucky!

Heres the bottle...
...its a nice bottle, right? The first thing that i thought was pretty cool about this bottle is that its made from glass instead of plastic. Its not often you get glass bottles any more. I could only really think of this and 'J20'!? 
I went to open the bottle to have some drink and noticed that the lid had a smiley face on it and suggested that i "feel good" by recycling...
...I found that pretty cute and decided to show my girlfriend and her friend. They both agreed that this was pretty cute. It got me thinking that perhaps if i was to draw smiley faces on other items, then, these would become cute also? Maybe bring life to inanimate objects...

pistachio nut
cheese grater
...As you can see I tried it on a few things and it kinda worked. But, this brings me to the next bit of the bottle. The main label. The main label also has a character on it...
...This character does not have a face at all!? Due to this i feel that the image has no emotion and did not connect with me. Anybody agree? 

Next on the bottle i noticed another character...
..."No Artificial Nasties" 
He really does look like a nasty with his sharp edges and fangs and a hippy-like sign of protest telling us "fruit NOT sugar". Also, the text tells us that the drink is 'lovely' and if we "DRINK GOOD" we will "FEEL GOOD!". Nice use of flowers, again suggesting we are going to enjoy this drink.

Already i was thoroughly impressed with this bottle design and the work put into its creation. Then i saw the other side of the label which suggested that consumers should send in "feel good photos" which they could print on the labels. Mine was a picture that Debbie Hulme had posted...
...Debbie Hulme had put a lot of effort in to creating two gnomes from clay and taken a photo of them next to a bottle of this drink. There was no financial gain for Debbie, i imagine she had been just as captivated by this bottle as i was! I think i'm probably going to send in an image of something that makes me smile too.

Just when i thought this bottle couldn't get any better i noticed one last thing...

...The glass bottle has braille embossed around it. Brilliant! I dont know what it says, but i bet its good.
So, there it is. I realize this has been a long post about something random. But, this is the kinda thing that interests me an i hope it interested you too :D
Just encase you wanted to send your own pictures to them heres the address...
until next time
stay cool