20 Feb 2011

Came to battle?

Number 2 in my new image series. I wanted to keep the stylings of yesterdays image, but with more of a hip-hop twist.

18 Feb 2011

Milk is good for the soul

I decided to have a draw today as my attention has been on photography and editing lately. The day started badly when I decided that the picture I had just spent about 2 hours on was rubbish. So, I had a sandwich, a glass of milk and I started again. After some doodling and playing with colour palettes my creative thing that I have did some stuff and I started making this. An afternoon/evening well spent :D

and heres a process shot for you :) *the colour is a little off due to gif compression

11 Feb 2011

Tommy Stone

This week I have been working with Tommy Stone a Mixed Martial Artist from Exeter, UK. Having met only briefly in the past Tommy had mentioned needing some promo photos done to keep his sponsors happy. I stepped in to help. We met  a few days ago and spent a few hours shooting out n about in my hometown. Tommy turned out to be a really nice guy, we had a good laugh and he was a pleasure to work with. Since then I have been selecting a few images that I think would work well to help promote Tommy and have also been working on a more creative piece which leaves space to showcase Tommy's sponsors.

On a more personal note. This is some of my best work to date. I can really see my style and technique improving with everything I do these days. I'm looking forward to working with more people. If your interested then drop me an email: Leon@vector33.com