28 Nov 2009

Mug Shots

I have a little work on with a hair salon at the moment. They are currently building a website and wanted some photos done. Here are the first four we have done with more to come on wednesday... 

*I have currently blurred them due to age of some of the girls and me not having clearance yet. But, you can see the amazing hair work and ill link the website as soon as its active 

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27 Nov 2009

Life art in flash

Not my greatest work [yet]. But, I had another go at some life-art sketches directly into flash with a graphics tablet. Heres this weeks results. I'm starting to see the benefits of this...

26 Nov 2009


Hey everybody. I'm currently building a new website. Until then please find my images over at

a lil bit of desktop electro for y'all...
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14 Nov 2009

Jenny Cliff

I took a few shots out at a local spot this evening. Had a little play in photoshop...


photo manipulation
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13 Nov 2009

12 Nov 2009

Lets git nekid

I stepped into a life drawing class today and decided to grab the opportunity. I didnt have very long, so i got my laptop out and had a quick sketch straight into flash with my graphics tablet. Philistine! ...

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6 Nov 2009

Welcome to Vice City

One of the photos from fireworks night. I thought it looked like palm trees :D
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