26 Apr 2012

Spray Can Art (photos)

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Here are the photographs from the last post I made. I realise that the book format may not have been the best approach as the embedded Adobe Flash file wasn't usable by too many devices, or viewers (Thanks for feedback).

Spray can artists involved were:

So, these are the pages from the Spray Can Files photo book I made. Enjoy..

19 Apr 2012

Breakin' Convention Promo jam - 02

Here's the second batch of photo's from the Plymouth Breakin' Convention Jam. It was another dope session and everybody was having a great time.. Look at that crowd! This is just a taste of what's to come. You should all definitely check out the official page and get tickets to your local event. Support dance and support real hiphop. 

Originally I left the photo's in colour. But, the break dancer's merged into the crowd. Then, I tried them all in a nice contrast black & white. The images looked a lot better. But, then lost a little energy. Eventually I put a day aside and re-edited the whole album in selective colour. Don't know about you, but, I'm really pleased with the results.. Enjoy..

17 Apr 2012

Breakin' Convention Promo Jam - 01

Here's the first few photos from the Breakin' Convention promo jam in Plymouth. It's gonna be another big event this year and I'm happy to be a part of it. As you've probably seen, I've got a love for hiphop culture, so getting to photograph break dancers puts me in my element.. 

15 Apr 2012

Saturday night breakin'

It's been a really busy few days taking photos of some amazing dancers for 'Breakin' Convention 2012'. I know you're going to love them. But unfortunately, I'm not allowed to post those until they've been published. But, tonight I visited a Breakin' & All-Style dance battle's hosted by Street Factory at Prime Skatepark. Dope event.. You should have been there..