31 Dec 2012

This is Kitten

Another character illustration for my sticker project. For Kitten I wanted to push the detailing of my characters further than I have previously and aimed for a sexy, stylish hottie with plenty of attitude. I used to try and keep the simplicity of my characters down to quirky shapes and vibrant colours. This year I'm going to refine my colour palettes and spend more time on the finer details. I'm not really sure what a good amount of time is to complete a character like this. But, Kitten took me a day and a half to complete. 

Hopefully, once printed, she's going to *pop* from the urban environments she'll be stuck in :)
..and the process shots.

28 Dec 2012

The Warrior Stance

I'm currently working on a series of characters for a sticker project. It's all about pushing my Photoshop style and getting back in the character illustration game. There's a lot of great graffiti and street art around east London. This year I'm aiming to carve my place in the scene!

..and a set of progress images.

16 Dec 2012

Some Kawaii love

Hello All! Man, have I had a bizarre year! So, this year started with me getting made redundant, my lung collapsing and REALLY living the starving artist lifestyle. Since then I have started a brilliant new job that I love and relocated to London. My whole life has flip-turned upside-down. My day job is now as an Augmented Reality designer for a company called Blippar (you can see what we do here). It feels great to finally have a job that is not only using the art skills I have learned, but also pushing them daily.


Now I've moved city and job, and settled into both, I decided it was time to get back on to the digital art scene. So, yesterday I did a 10 hour marathon in Photoshop. I wanted to push my style, as always, and produce something a bit sexy for y'all. I exported process images at each stage. Hope you like her :)

Much love (and I'll try uploading more often now) x

8 Jun 2012

Self Portrait series..

Please find my new work at

Having tried my first self portrait a few days ago I have decided to turn it into a series. I've got quite a few ideas that should stretch my technical and creative abilities. I have completed my first set and am currently working on another. Enjoy..

3 Jun 2012

Self Portrait 2012

Sorry it's been a bit slow on the upload lately. I've been practicing some new software and not produced anything special enough to put on here. Mostly test work. I am, however, practising some video editing techniques and getting together some of the street stars for a little video short :)

Until then, today was a Photoshop experimental day. Here's my self portrait 2012.

26 Apr 2012

Spray Can Art (photos)

My website has changed. Please find me at:


Here are the photographs from the last post I made. I realise that the book format may not have been the best approach as the embedded Adobe Flash file wasn't usable by too many devices, or viewers (Thanks for feedback).

Spray can artists involved were:

So, these are the pages from the Spray Can Files photo book I made. Enjoy..

19 Apr 2012

Breakin' Convention Promo jam - 02

Here's the second batch of photo's from the Plymouth Breakin' Convention Jam. It was another dope session and everybody was having a great time.. Look at that crowd! This is just a taste of what's to come. You should all definitely check out the official page and get tickets to your local event. Support dance and support real hiphop. 

Originally I left the photo's in colour. But, the break dancer's merged into the crowd. Then, I tried them all in a nice contrast black & white. The images looked a lot better. But, then lost a little energy. Eventually I put a day aside and re-edited the whole album in selective colour. Don't know about you, but, I'm really pleased with the results.. Enjoy..