31 Dec 2009

dat girl got attitude

I feel like an unstoppable drawing machine. But,  I think its pissing my girlfriend off :\
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its me!

hmmm, not really too keen on this one. it seems a bit sloppy to me. anyway, this is me :) i dont usually look this angry. i just wanted to make the image look a bit more gang'star innit... brap n all that!
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One for my girlfriend

She has asked me many times to do an illustration of her and I keep saying I will. Tonight I [finally] did it. Shes in bed and its stupid o'clock in the morning. I hope she likes it! ...
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30 Dec 2009

Healing Hands

I'm hoping that this one is pretty self explanatory.. 
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practice makes poifect

I have definitely been putting the hours in and its really starting to show! For years there has been a vision in my head of how i would like my work to look and these last three images have nailed it. I'm looking forward to pushing this style further and seeing what happens. Its time to get some nice, big, shiny prints done :D ..
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28 Dec 2009

eastern influence

I have always had a fascination with japanese art & culture. So, I guess thats my inspiration for this piece..
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27 Dec 2009

HGT collaboration piece...

Whats happenin' blogland? 
hope you all had a good xmas! I just finished a collaboration piece with Manky from HGT. HGT [High Grade Thoughts] are a fresh young arts & design collective based in the south west. Check them out @..
HGT Blog

Anyway, heres the new piece.. 
stay fly
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22 Dec 2009

Merry Christmas

This is probably my last post before christmas. So, I thought I would make you all an e-christmas card. Hope you all have a good holiday and eat until your sick. I know that I will!
much love.. vector33
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17 Dec 2009

Last life art :(

Well, today was my last scheduled life art session on my college course. I'm feelin pretty gutted about this because I was starting to really get into it. Next year I think im going to ask around and see if anybody minds me sitting in on their classes. Anyway, today I had a go at drawing from my graphics tablet straight into Adobe Illustrator. Once again the time limits were pretty tight, so the images aren't really finished pieces. They are as much information as I could get in with the time limit set...

12 Dec 2009

Comic stylee

I liked the style of my last image and wanted to try it again. The witch doctor and the Bridge guard...
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10 Dec 2009

5 Dec 2009


You know those doodles and scribbles you do? You know, when somebody is talking to you and your not interested in them.. well later on when you screw it up and throw that piece of paper in the bin its not the end of your scribble. No, in fact later on that night the Scribble Monster™ comes along and collects up all the scribbles which he then turns into his nest!

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28 Nov 2009

Mug Shots

I have a little work on with a hair salon at the moment. They are currently building a website and wanted some photos done. Here are the first four we have done with more to come on wednesday... 

*I have currently blurred them due to age of some of the girls and me not having clearance yet. But, you can see the amazing hair work and ill link the website as soon as its active 

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27 Nov 2009

Life art in flash

Not my greatest work [yet]. But, I had another go at some life-art sketches directly into flash with a graphics tablet. Heres this weeks results. I'm starting to see the benefits of this...

26 Nov 2009


Hey everybody. I'm currently building a new website. Until then please find my images over at

a lil bit of desktop electro for y'all...
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14 Nov 2009

Jenny Cliff

I took a few shots out at a local spot this evening. Had a little play in photoshop...


photo manipulation
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13 Nov 2009

12 Nov 2009

Lets git nekid

I stepped into a life drawing class today and decided to grab the opportunity. I didnt have very long, so i got my laptop out and had a quick sketch straight into flash with my graphics tablet. Philistine! ...

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6 Nov 2009

Welcome to Vice City

One of the photos from fireworks night. I thought it looked like palm trees :D
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23 Oct 2009

The rota-scope process

Today was my first deadline at college this year. The project was Development & Experimentation. This was why i had previously been practicing rota-scoping. Here is a video of the process I went through to get my final product. enjoi...

19 Oct 2009

Plymouth Calendar Girls 2010

I have been working with Plymouth Calendar Girls recently to help promote the new calendar. It was great working with them and am looking forward to continuing our working relationship. Heres a preview of the new calendar and models. I made the video...

17 Oct 2009


Happened to be out and about today when I bumped into some friends skating. Good opportunity to get some pictures. Heres the first..
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14 Oct 2009

sunset freerunner

So, i had my very first go at rotoscoping the other day and REALLY enjoyed the process and end product! I had another go today and wanted to push the visuals a little more. I'm gonna keep practicing this style and hope to do this years final major like it...

13 Oct 2009

Zombie Chicks

Might as well have some fun with the photos...
[click image to enlarge]

rotoscope me

A little experiment. I have never rotoscoped and wanted to give it a try. So, i ripped my shirt from my back and went for it..

wow, it wasn't easy to get that flash embedded there!?

11 Oct 2009

Fashion Shoot

I was asked to get some photographs for Feline Fashion yesterday. Luckily it was a nice day! I only have a crappy kit lens at the minute [50mm on way] so all of the photos needed a little bit of photoshop work. But, I think I pulled it off. Heres two of the better ones...
'79 [click image to enlarge]

The catsuit [click image to enlarge]

Heres a process sample..
[click image to enlarge]

4 Oct 2009


I got a camera very recently and have never 'properly' used one before. Here are my first ever shots. Overkill on the colours? :\


Lonely Duck

Stef Jungle [overbright]

Vector33 splash

I know I haven't posted in a while. I have about 5 projects currently on-the-go. So, as they get done I'll stick them up here. For now here is a splash idea to go at the front of my productions...

21 Sep 2009

Fake slow shutter

I really like those slow shutter speed photos. But, haven't got around to taking any yet. Thought i would try n fake it ;)
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20 Sep 2009

Fashion illustration [hippy hair]

My girlfriend makes clothing for girls. She got a load of photos of models wearing them. I pinched one to work with...

[click image for full size]

19 Sep 2009

Fanta Advertising

Hey everybody. I'm currently building a new website. Until then please find my images over at
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18 Sep 2009

17 Sep 2009

All in the process

Let me take a moment to show you how we work :)

Step 1:
Doodle in pad for a while until you get bored. Look back through rubbish on pad until you find something that even mildly resembles something worthwhile...
Step 2:
Try to make yourself feel better about not being able to draw by placing doodle into a [badly drawn] scene...
Step 3:
Decide to make the doodle digital. This way you can feel good about yourself by fooling your head into thinking your working. Import your sketch into adobe illustrator and knock the transparency down to about 30%. Underneath your pencil sketch start vectoring the image...
Step 4:
Vector images are great. But, to add a little bit of sparkle to the image import your initial vectors into adobe photoshop for some composition and lighting effects...
[Click image to enlarge]
Step 5:
Look at what your doodle has become and realize that you are brilliant!
This was just a quick one day thing. So, its a bit empty.

Stay fly 

16 Sep 2009

11 Sep 2009

The dawning of a new era...

[Click to visit website]
Times, they are a'changing! When I first went to uni I decided to go by an alias. I choose to go by munkee [crouching munkee, hidden banana]. It has served me well and I have had a fair bit of recognition from it. I have also had a nice amount of work in print and published in various publications. But, all good things come to an end and I have decided to drop the munkee alias.

But, with all change comes new... stuff!? So, now I am going by the name 'Vector33'. I think it sounds more professional and it allows me to evolve my style without having to be true to the munkee name/theme. All my profiles about the web will soon be changed/updated..
myspace, facebook, deviantart, youtube, twitter... the lot!

Its been a good ride as munkee and I hope that I can carve a professional career as vector33... Its gonna be a bumpy ride... wish me luck!

RIP munkee