29 Jan 2010

United we stand

I'm gettin' nearer and nearer to finishing my degree now and i'm currently trying to perfect a script and storyboard for my final project. I have a really good idea that will surely get me employment. I just need to make sure its right. Heres a little teaser. Watch this space..

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24 Jan 2010

HGT Presents

On Thursday night I collaborated with the 'HGT arts collective' and we hosted a night of art, live drawing, music and drinks. Loads of people came and all of us were really pleased with how the night went. Watch this space for the next event ;)

artwork printed

keepin it tight as a ducks arse

Take a look at fame, people

18 Jan 2010


I promised myself I would not use black backgrounds any of my next few pieces. Lets see if it makes a difference to my work..

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16 Jan 2010

create your identity

Whiskey, Prodigy, Photoshop.. 
Got my ticket to see prodigy next thursday. One of my favorite groups ever :) So, im giving all the albums a damn good listening to while havin' a play in photoshop..

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13 Jan 2010

studio space 2010

Heres my new home work space :)
Life essentials:
Laptop / music / Wacom / Dualshock3 / Orange Squash

12 Jan 2010