16 Dec 2012

Some Kawaii love

Hello All! Man, have I had a bizarre year! So, this year started with me getting made redundant, my lung collapsing and REALLY living the starving artist lifestyle. Since then I have started a brilliant new job that I love and relocated to London. My whole life has flip-turned upside-down. My day job is now as an Augmented Reality designer for a company called Blippar (you can see what we do here). It feels great to finally have a job that is not only using the art skills I have learned, but also pushing them daily.


Now I've moved city and job, and settled into both, I decided it was time to get back on to the digital art scene. So, yesterday I did a 10 hour marathon in Photoshop. I wanted to push my style, as always, and produce something a bit sexy for y'all. I exported process images at each stage. Hope you like her :)

Much love (and I'll try uploading more often now) x

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