11 Sep 2009

The dawning of a new era...

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Times, they are a'changing! When I first went to uni I decided to go by an alias. I choose to go by munkee [crouching munkee, hidden banana]. It has served me well and I have had a fair bit of recognition from it. I have also had a nice amount of work in print and published in various publications. But, all good things come to an end and I have decided to drop the munkee alias.

But, with all change comes new... stuff!? So, now I am going by the name 'Vector33'. I think it sounds more professional and it allows me to evolve my style without having to be true to the munkee name/theme. All my profiles about the web will soon be changed/updated..
myspace, facebook, deviantart, youtube, twitter... the lot!

Its been a good ride as munkee and I hope that I can carve a professional career as vector33... Its gonna be a bumpy ride... wish me luck!

RIP munkee

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:D said...

i like it man, nice move goodluck with the new name... not that u need it! :Dorks