17 Sep 2009

All in the process

Let me take a moment to show you how we work :)

Step 1:
Doodle in pad for a while until you get bored. Look back through rubbish on pad until you find something that even mildly resembles something worthwhile...
Step 2:
Try to make yourself feel better about not being able to draw by placing doodle into a [badly drawn] scene...
Step 3:
Decide to make the doodle digital. This way you can feel good about yourself by fooling your head into thinking your working. Import your sketch into adobe illustrator and knock the transparency down to about 30%. Underneath your pencil sketch start vectoring the image...
Step 4:
Vector images are great. But, to add a little bit of sparkle to the image import your initial vectors into adobe photoshop for some composition and lighting effects...
[Click image to enlarge]
Step 5:
Look at what your doodle has become and realize that you are brilliant!
This was just a quick one day thing. So, its a bit empty.

Stay fly 

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