28 Mar 2010

Freerunner: concept script

*Blog readers, this post is for the people of Deep Blue Sound studio*

The idea for the piece is to capture a moment in time and the emotions that come with it.  The weather/sky and music will express the emotion of each set piece. Each time the weather and mood of the runner changes, so must the music.

The main character is a free runner. He is standing alone on top of a vast, serene cityscape. The sun is melting down behind the city and a gentle wind is blowing. The free runner stands still and alone at one edge of a huge gap. He is considering his chances of making a jump from one building to another. He stares at the adjacent building. His eyes follow the building all the way down to the ground. The situation looks bleak. It’s a long way down!
The sky clouds over as the free runner leans his body and turns around dismayed. As he unnervingly makes is way back across the rooftop a sudden feeling of determination comes across him. The sky changes to a thunderous red and the wind picks up. His body snaps around to face the vast gap. He turns with such force and determination that the birds, who had been nestling on the edge, fly off in fear. The runner drops down to one knee, his focus firmly on the challenge ahead of him. The sun beats down hard on him as he poises himself for what could be the biggest moment of his life. Suddenly, in the space of a blink, he is gone. Sprinting with such power and focus everything else around him seems to fade out. For this brief moment of time the runner is very, very alone. He plants his foot firmly on the edge of the building and uses every once of energy in him to propel his body across the ravine. Gracefully he drifts through the air as if he has done it a million times before. His form is perfect. The sky is clear and bright. It feels like such an amazing moment, he feels like an eagle soaring through the skies.

“So, this is what flying feels like” He thinks to himself as he drifts across the sky.

Suddenly, before he even knows it, the runner lands hard on the rooftop of the adjacent building. Its not a graceful landing and he tumbles hard trying to find which way is up. Moments later he is laying on his back gazing at the sky with a feeling of complete euphoria flowing through his body. The sunset is once again beating down on his body. As the runner lies there gazing into nothingness a bird glides past his field of vision. The runner smiles understanding how the bird feels.  

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