26 Mar 2010

Gut feeling

You know when you get a gut feeling that things aren't going right and you need to do something about it? yeah? well, i got one of those. My final major project that i have been fine tweaking for months wasn't working for me [even though everybody else seemed to think it was] so, i have canned the idea and started again. This hasn't left me too much time, but its sumthin i hafta do. So, im starting again. today i have taught myself a little 3D to get this project done and heres a concept screen of how i hope my final project to look. Anybody who has been following my work could probably guess what i'm going to do. wish me luck ;)

[click image to enlarge]

1 comment:

Blob Corp. said...

That is an awesome shot! Can't wait to see your FMP! ^_^