11 Sep 2009

Fashion imagery darlings

Recently ladies fashion brand 'love feline' approached me asking if i could design a promotional image for them. They left me some photographs of various models wearing the garments and only giving me very few guidelines [which was nice] left me to it. From the images I was given, this one seemed to be the most inspiring...
.. Unfortunately the photos where a little grainy when zoomed in and the model had a little of her foot missing. I cut out the model and gave her a little retouching. 

I really liked how the model was playing with paint and also had a huge paint splat on the Tee. Also, the tag line I was given read:
"Vivacious clothing for edgy rock-chicks who love to stand out from the crowd"

With this in mind and an image forming in my head I went to work. I am really happy with the out come and so is my client.. good times!

[click image for full size]

For more 'love feline' information or to view her clothes please visit

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